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Roof cleaning does more for a home than just renew the roof’s color and improve the home’s curb appeal. A professional roof cleaning service will protect shingles and tiles from extended damage and alert homeowners to areas that need roof repair! Lakewood Pressure Washing offers specialized experience in roof soft wash cleaning in Lakewood, and our company is second to none for keeping your home’s exterior in fabulous condition with our residential cleaning services.


Roof cleaning eliminates levels of problematic dirt and sludge. This organic debris usually dries asphalt shingles and then causes them to break away. Scheduling a roof pressure washing service will also remove silt, grit, sand and various destructive debris. This type of dirt scratches and etches asphalt shingles and clay roof tiles of several styles of homes in the Lakewood area. A proper roof cleaning will then protect those roof tiles and help to keep your house looking its very best.

Cleaning moss and mildew off of a roof will protect the home from water damage, as moss, mold, and algae hold moisture against a roof. Too much moisture can soften and corrode the paper under roofing shingles and tiles, leading to future water leaks and mold growth inside of a house. Your roof cleaning expense is then worth the price, as a roof cleaning service is often much less expensive than roof repair projects and interior mold removal!


Extreme pressure roof washing isn’t always the best choice for some homes in Lakewood. This is because exposure to harsh sunlight or extreme weather can cause roofing shingles and tiles to become too thin and brittle. Power washing a roof could damage fragile shingles and then cause them to crack and break apart. Using too much pressure during the washing process can loosen damaged and dried shingles, and then they fall away from the roof.

We are the most recommended Lakewood roof cleaning company because we specialize in both high- and low-pressure roof cleaning to guarantee we can thoroughly and safely wash even the most fragile shingles and tiles. Our roof soft washing chemicals remove years of built-up grime, soot and grit, so that residue can then be washed away gently, with low water pressure. Your home’s roof will then be immaculately clean without being damaged from roof power washing.


Roof cleaning contractors in Lakewood do more than improve the appearance of a home’s roof and dissolve dirt and dust. A residential roof cleaning service can reveal sections of worn or damaged roof shingles or tiles, so they can be replaced or repaired as needed. Roof cleaning near Lakewood can allow uncover dried, buckled tiles that are ready to come loose from the roof itself!

Cleaning moss off of a roof and removing other such organic debris can also allow a homeowner to identify weak areas along the surface of the home’s roof or discoloration indicating water damage to the studs and joists. The roof washing solutions used by Lakewood Pressure Washing will dissolve layers of dirt and organic debris so that you can easily identify areas of damage to a home and have these areas fixed immediately.

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